Waste disposal

Provisional Waste disposal dates 2024

January 4.1., 18.1. 4.1. 25.1.
February 1.2., 15.2., 29.2. 2.2., 29.2. 2.2.
March 14.3., 28.3. 28.3. 21.3.
April 11.4., 25.4. 25.4. 26.4. 5.4.
May 10.5., 23.5. 23.5. 23.5. 3.5.
June 6.6., 20.6. 20.6. 7.6.
July 4.7., 18.7. 18.7. 19.7. 25.7. 5.7.
August 1.8., 16.8., 29.8. 16.8.
September 12.9., 26.9. 12.9. 26.9. 6.9.
October 10.10., 24.10. 10.10. 11.10. 4.10.
November 7.11., 21.11. 7.11. 28.11. 8.11.
December 5.12., 19.12. 5.12.

Waste separation

You have the option of disposing of paper and glass waste as well as old clothes in bins or containers provided specifically for this purpose. This allows you to reduce the cost of your waste disposal. The paper bins as well as the glass and old clothes containers are free of charge!

You can download the waste separation overview here:


Garbage bags

The green bin bags and the residual waste bags listed on your municipal notice can be collected from the municipal office. Furthermore, additional refuse sacks and corn starch sacks for the organic waste bin can also be purchased at the municipal office.

Let’s protect the environment – no plastic in the organic waste bin

Every year, an average of around 100 kilograms of organic waste is collected per citizen in the district of Neunkirchen. Everything you throw into the organic waste garbage can at home ends up on our fields and in our gardens. We should think of this when we knowingly throw the wrong materials into the organic waste garbage can.

Bauhof Schottwien (c) Franz Zwickl
(c) Gemeinde Schottwien

New bulky and problem waste collection in the district of Neunkirchen.

In 2022, the collection of bulky and problematic waste in the district of Neunkirchen will be put on a new footing. In the course of 2022, supra-regional recycling centres will go into operation at three locations in the district of Neunkirchen. As a main or secondary resident of the district of Neunkirchen, you can dispose of the waste listed below free of charge at all these collection centres. However, the delivery of waste from commercial activities is not permitted – only private individuals are entitled to do so.

Storage area for woodchips and green cuttings

In the past years, foreign materials, such as building rubble, were also repeatedly dumped at the wood chip site. We have therefore decided to arrange the supply of shrub and tree cuttings differently. 

It is possible to deliver it to the storage area for wood chips at the former so-called “Esso car park”:
on Mondays and Fridays from 9:00 to 20:00 and on Saturdays from 9:00 to 18:00.

Outside the specified times, delivery is not possible and the entrance to the storage area will be blocked.

The green waste barge, which was previously located next to the tennis hall, will in future be located in the entrance area to the wood chip storage area for better unloading of your green waste. However, a delivery of only green waste is possible during the entire working week.

Waste paper bin

In 2016, the paper bin was introduced in all municipalities of the Neunkirchen district.

The paper bin is free of charge! There are no costs associated with its use; you do not have to pay for the provision of the bin or for processing.

It is important that paper and cardboard are collected purely sorted, so that no foreign matter gets into the paper bin and no problems occur during paper production. 

Keep in mind that this measure relieves the burden on the green bin and thus supports our efforts to keep the prices for waste disposal low. However, for the paper bin to be profitable, it is essential that it is full.

Therefore, the Waste Management Association asks you to disassemble all cardboard packaging and to really throw all waste paper into the paper bin and no longer into the green bin!
In this way, we can collectively protect the environment and also recycle valuable resources.

Glass and old clothes containers

The Waste Management Association provides 2 glass containers (separated into white and colored glass).

The glass containers and used clothing containers are located on the square between the tennis hall and the Splithalle on the Passhöhe and in the Wellspacher Straße in front of house no. 16.