Partner communities

Silbertal in Montafon

The communities of Semmering and the Silbertal have been connected by a longstanding and deep friendship since the programme “Wer A Sagt”. 

This partnership between the communities has existed for over 25 years. Many friends and acquaintances have developed through excursions and the regular exchange of children.

During regular visits to the partner communities, generations have been able to discover the regions. The Kristberg, for example, has become the ski mountain of many Semmering children and the excursion to the Schönbrunn Zoo was always a highlight for the Silbertal children.

Even today, many are still drawn alternately to the east or west of Austria…

Silbertal municipality © Foto: Patrick Säly

Zalaapáti near the Hungarian spa Hervíz...

 … and the municipality of Semmering have also been partner municipalities for decades.

The mayor of Zalaapáti met Hermann Düringer, the mayor of Semmering, during a holiday at Hotel Panhans. During talks it was agreed to visit the municipality of Zalaapáti. The delegation, a group of local councillors from Semmering, was very impressed by the hospitality of the municipal representatives and the population and it was agreed to establish a municipal partnership.

The partnership enabled children from the communities to enjoy the regions during summer and winter holidays with host parents. For the Semmering children, swimming fun at Lake Balaton was on the agenda and the Hungarian children were able to take their first turns in the snow.