Shopping taxi Semmering

The citizens of Semmering have the possibility to do their shopping at Semmering with Taxi Riegler.

The municipality of Semmering supports this service.

Information is available directly from Taxi Riegler on +43 664 75043848.

Social Market Soogut Ternitz

Aimed at people with lower incomes. Detailed information on the offer and the requirements can be found on the website.

Gfiederstraße 3
2630 Ternitz

Mobile: +43 676 88044250

Website Social Market Ternitz

Team Austria Tafel Gloggnitz

Distribution of food to people with low income – a project of Red Cross and Hitradio Ö3

Red Cross District Office Gloggnitz
Semmeringstrasse 87
2640 Gloggnitz

Tel.: +43 59 14450530
Tel.: +43 59 144 65600 (Gloggnitz District Office)
Fax: +43 59 144 965600

Website Red Cross Tafel Lower Austria
Website Ö3 Team Austria Tafel

Here you will find information from the Office of the Lower Austrian Provincial Government on the topics (German only):