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Would you like to write an article for our community newspaper?
If so, please read our guidelines. We look forward to your contribution.

Editorial guidelines

  • Readers are addressed in lower case (du, euch, ihr, etc.).
  • For reasons of easier readability, gender-specific differentiation (users) is not used. Corresponding terms apply to both genders for the sake of equal treatment.
  • Thousandths are marked with a dot (1,500 bbl).
  • Numbers from zero to twelve are written out in full, unless there is a technical reference (10 mD).
  • Technical units are abbreviated (40 km)
  • Proper names are put in inverted commas unless they are common knowledge (Audi, Apple, Google)

Key data

Format: A4

Should be formatted as little as possible, as any formatting must be deleted.
must be deleted. However, if specific formatting is desired, a PDF can be attached.

Must be of sufficient quality and sent separately, not just inserted in a Word document. Minimum 300 dpi (for print quality), approx. 2 MB.
Legal responsibility lies with the person providing the image.

approx. 3,800 characters (incl. spaces) and one image fill a single page


You can choose the size of the advertisements:

small:   6,5 x 6,5cm at € 80,-
medium: 9 x 13cm at € 120,-
large:   ca. A5 at € 160,-

Please send your advertisement ready as a PDF or JPG file in portrait or landscape format.

Please send contributions to