Hiking at Semmering

Herbst Landschaft
(c) Wiener Alpen - fuelop

Take a deep breath & enjoy nature in the fresh mountain air
at Semmering.

Berg Sonnwendstein
(c) Markus Pausackerl

Panoramic hiking Sonnwendstein - Hirschenkogel

Route: 11.50 km
Duration: 4:00 h
Ascent- Descent: 703 Hm
Difficulty: medium

Through untouched forests to the alpine pastures of the Sonnwendstein (1,523 m) and the Erzkogel accompanied by fantastic panoramic views into the Vienna Basin to Lake Neusiedl, into the Styrian Mürztal to the highest foothills of the Eastern Alps Rax & Schneeberg.

(c) WA Florian Lierzer
(c) Wiener Alpen_fuelöp

Semmering Magic View Round

Route 10 km
Duration: 3:00 h
Ascent/descent: 250 hm
Difficulty: easy

Imposing viewpoints accompany you on the hike . Explore the Semmering with all its facets.

Ort Speicherteich
(c) Maria Prenner


Distance: 6,50 km
Duration: 2:15 h
Ascent/descent: 300 hm
Difficulty: easy

The network of hiking trails around the Pinkenkogel offers many variants both from the starting point at Passhöhe Semmering and from the starting point at Hochstraße above the Südbahnhotel.

Maria Schutz
(c)Franz Zwickl/Wiener Alpen

Pilgrimage round Semmering - Maria Schutz

Distance: 7.70 km
Duration: 2:30 h 
Ascent- Descent: 274 Hm 
Difficulty: medium

Traditional hike from the Semmering pass via the forest path to the pilgrimage site of Maria Schutz with its famous church and to the Lourdes grotto.

Das größte Bauwerk der Semmerinbahn, die Kalte Rinne
(c)Kurt Payr

Railway hiking trail Semmering - Breitenstein

Distance: 10 km
Duration: 3:30 h
Ascent: 404 m / Descent: 506 m
Difficulty: medium

The stage of the railway hiking trail leads from Semmering past the most impressive viaducts and buildings of the UNESCO World Heritage Site to Breitenstein railway station as an intermediate destination. A leisurely hike that has a lot to offer!

Familien Wandern Osthang
(c)bergbahnen Hirschenkogel GmbH

Kummerbauer Tour - Around the Sonnwendstein

Distance: 16,50 km
Duration: 5:45 h
Ascent/descent: 800 hm
Difficulty: easy

Varied day tour over the Hirschenkogel, the Erzkogel down to the Gasthof Kummerbauer, further over the Göstritzgraben to Maria Schutz to the pilgrimage church and via the forest path back to the Semmering pass summit.

Landschaft Semmering
(c)Horst Schröttner

To the construction rock at the "Eselstein" - Donkey Stone

Route: 9.20 km
Duration: 3:00 h
Ascent- Descent: 389 Hm
 Difficulty: medium

Leisurely hike to the vantage point on the Eselstein. This is where Carl Ritter von Ghega planned the course of the Semmering Railway through the upper and lower Adlitzgraben to the Semmering.


On the Kampalm

Route: 14.50 km
Duration: 5:00 h
Ascent: 639 hm/ Descent: 848 hm Difficulty: medium

Through deep green forests on airy heights, lonely over the ridge of the Ochner to the Kampalm. At the summit cross on the Kampalm, you are rewarded with a fantastic deep view into the Mürztal.

Bergbahnen Hirschenkogel
(c)Bergbahnen Hirschenkogel

Hirschenkogel - Millennium tower

Route: 7 km
Duration: 2:00 h
Ascent- Descent: 344 Hm
Difficulty: easy

You can also use the mountain railways for the ascent. Operating hours: www.semmering.com

(c) Maria Prenner
(c) Maria Prenner


Distance: 22.60 km
Duration: 6:45 h
Ascent- Descent: 670 Hm
 Difficulty: medium

Extensive forest hike to the Jagdhof hunting lodge and via the Adlitzgraben, the Rotberg back to the Semmering.

(c) Maria Prenner
(c) Maria Prenner

TVN round trip hiking trail

Route: 11 km
Duration: 2:50h
Ascent- Descent: 483 Hm
 Difficulty: medium

Beautiful shady hike over the Ochnerkamm to the Liechtensteinstraße and back over the Hochstraße to the pass summit.