Cross country trail in Semmering

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The “Johannesloipe” starts at the  station of the four-seater chairlift Hirschenkogel and leads into the Dürrgraben. After crossing the stream, the trail may be interrupted for about 100 metres. Further into the valley there is a short circular trail on the meadow.

The starting point of the “Liechtenstein Panorama Trail” is above the Südbahnhotel on Hochstraße. The trail leads 7 km at the foot of the Pinkenkogel and the Ochner to the Ziehgraben. The turnaround point is located here after 7 km.

Prices: The trails are groomed by the municipality of Semmering when there is enough snow and are available to our guests free of charge.

Refreshment stops: You will find our restaurants at the starting point at the top of the pass.
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